Civil Litigation

Jay Wagner has helped individuals and business owners protect their rights and interests when they become embroiled in a lawsuit. He knows the winning strategies that can help you successfully resolve disputes at the negotiating table or in the courtroom.

His litigation experience helps in recognizing its potential to go to trial. He is fully aware that favorable case results come from detailed and strategic preparation. At all stages, he offers an on-going evaluation of the case and advises his clients on their options so they can make informed decisions.


Alternatives to Costly Litigation

Resolving your civil dispute doesn’t always mean fighting it out in court. While Jay Wagner is an experienced trial lawyer and he does not back down when it comes to protecting his clients’ interests, his clients are real people and hard-working business owners; he understands that they need to be mindful of litigation expenses. By working closely with his clients and along with his straightforward approach to opposing counsel, he can generally obtain a cost-effective and successful resolution. When a fair settlement is not possible outside of court, however, his experience in court will give you the advantage.


Areas of Civil Litigation He Will Handle

  • Personal injury / injury claims
  • Wrongful death
  • Business litigation
  • Automobile accidents
  • Insurance coverage law
  • Breach of contract lawsuits
  • Domestic law / family law
  • Probate and estate
  • Property damage litigation