Attorney Jay D. Wagner

With a wealth of experience, knowledge and victories, attorney Jay D. Wagner has taken pride in protecting and safeguarding the rights of his clients since 1984. Through his hard work, integrity and dedication, Jay Wagner has excelled in the practice of law and continues to obtain optimal results for his clients. When the situation warrants, Attorney Jay Wagner will not hesitate to aggressively protect the rights of his clients in the courtroom through both litigation and negotiation.
If you absolutely must get the legal result and judgement you want, then you need Jay Wagner. From personal injury, divorce and civil litigation, to bankruptcy and probate, you will receive the court-proven practices of Jay Wagner to bring about the best judgement possible. Initial consultations are always free, so it can’t hurt to talk about your case right now.

General Areas of Services

Personal Injury

Jay Wagner will ensure you get the money that is owed to you if you have sustained accident injuries.

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Divorce & Dissolution

Divorce is a painful and stressful experience. Get the best representation to stand by your side and look out for your best interests. Jay Wagner will guide you through the complications to find the optimal solution.

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Civil Litigation

There are hundreds of layers to the legal system—Jay Wagner will provide focused and personalized representation so you are totally covered in your case.

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It is imperative that you ensure that your assets are protected and efficiently managed. Jay Wagner has you covered, and proper estate planning and wills will expedite the probate process.

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Jay Wagner will provide you with the best financial solutions and guidance as you file for Chapter 7.

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